General information:

The Kynological Study Group has made it its business to present internationally registered male stud-dogs and breeders in the internet. Only dogs with a FCI pedigree and breeders who are members in one of those clubs joining the FCI will be registered.

Presentations are valid for one year and include one free update. In case no written prolongation is made the entry expires automatically.

The owner of the male stud-dog / the breeder guarantees for the correctness of the given information. We dissociate ourselves specially from contents of links on those web sites registered by us.

Of course, we will immediately correct mistakes in transcription made by us for no extra fare.

Legal domicile of the Kynological Study Group is Kaarst / Germany.


We emphasize that all information and pictures on this homepage are subject to copyright.

All rights reserved.


pecial thanks to Bettina Messthaler for her support and for translating this homepage in into English.